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Five Decades
of Building Strength

A legacy of strength

Our Origin Story

For over 47 years, World Gym® has been helping people live fit, healthy lives. We’ve been a pillar of strength in the fitness industry while countless competitors and fitness concepts have come and gone. Our simple commitment to providing exactly what our members want and need to reach their fitness goals has sustained us throughout our history. We skip the trends and forego the fads to keep things simple—providing a serious gym for serious workouts. U.S.-owned and world-renowned, World Gym offers the big-box gym experience with a personalized touch.


Muscle Beach

World Gym and the modern fitness revolution can be traced back to the glory days of Muscle Beach in Los Angeles, California. In 1976, Joe Gold opened a small gym filled with custom-made equipment. Before long, World Gym was the fitness destination for celebrity bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Dave Draper.

World Gym


The Fitness Revolution

By the early 1980s, World Gym was firmly established as a global fitness icon. The brand expanded with franchise locations across the United States and abroad. The personal fitness revolution was in full swing, fuelled in large part by our convenient, affordable World Gym locations.

World Gym


Rapid Change

The 1990s saw a rapid change in the fitness industry. World Gym was at the forefront of this change by providing cutting-edge equipment, 1-on-1 coaching, and the best workout environments possible. While Joe Gold recovered from health issues, Arnold Schwarzenegger spent three years as World Gym’s CEO, guiding the brand through this time of change.

World Gym


A Rich Legacy

World Gym continued to grow, with a culture formed by the Muscle Beach lifestyle. Joe Gold passed away in 2004, leaving behind a rich legacy of fitness excellence. His innovations and his values continue to drive the brand today.

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Seriously Fun Fitness

The Cammilleri family acquired the World Gym brand and set their sights on bringing seriously fun fitness to all corners of the globe. World Gym has grown to more than 225 locations across six continents and continues to expand. With over 47 years of knowledge and experience, we’re poised to remain a powerful leader in the fitness world for decades to come.

World Gym



Undeniably, World Gym is a gym. Don’t let that word “gym” scare you because we’re redefining that term. World Gym, today’s gym, is a place where ambitious, motivated individuals work to reach their goals and is an intelligent approach to fitness. Here, you will become better at whatever it is you do. We welcome you to World Gym.


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