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Meet Our Ambassadors

We are so excited to announce our new World Gym Australia ambassadors Heather Ueta-Siteine and Mathia Matakovic. They both have amazing fitness journeys and so much knowledge, wisdom and kick ass motivation to share with you!

Say hello to Heather…

Heather discovered World Gym Coomera when she was approaching her 40th birthday.  She decided that she needed a change to be looking and feeling her best when she hit the big 4-0.
Like many of us, Heather joined the gym to look a certain way. She wanted to appear strong and toned, but what she found at World Gym goes so much deeper than just aesthetics.

When she started the World Gym Athletics programme, she noticed that her mindset began to shift. Instead of just looking good, Heather’s reason for training became wanting to be stronger, fitter, faster and move better. Through this shift she has strengthened mentally not just in the gym, but also in other aspects of her life. Although her body has shaped and changed in the way she had hoped for, the mental and emotional transformation has been more life changing for her. You go girl!

To this day the World Gym Athletics programme is Heather’s preferred type of training, with an occasional lift on the gym floor thrown in when she feels like it.

As she continues to grow and challenge herself, Heather tells us that she has altered the mental chatter in her head. Echoes of “I can’t” are often instead replaced with “I’ll try,” which has changed her attitude to obstacles she faces in the gym, and also in her daily life.

She had added inspiration to stay motivated and healthy because her children have also been following her fitness journey and learning how important it is to move, nourish and look after your body.

Heather believes that “you are never too old or big or small or weak for anything. The only thing that will hold you back is you.”

She tells us from her experience to “listen to your body. If you need to rest, rest.  If it doesn’t feel good it’s probably not good. To avoid injury or sickness, it’s important to listen to your body.” And her nutrition philosophy is to not count calories or macros, but just honour her body and eat when she is hungry.

Follow @heathersiteine on her journey to continue to be stronger, fitter and faster as our World Gym Ambassador and to share with you her tips, tricks and motivation along the way!

Introducing Mathia…

Mathia is a carpenter from Brisbane, Queensland. Before he started training at the gym, his long days often resulted in a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. Once he started training at World Gym, he knew that he wanted something else from life.  Despite the hurdle of his physical and demanding job, he has so much passion for his fitness goals that he doesn’t let work take away from his dreams. Mathia knows that in order to make dreams work, you have to.

Mathia’s week in the gym is back and bi’s on Monday; chest and tri’s Tuesday and rest on Wednesday. He rounds out the week with legs and core on Thursday; shoulders and calves on Friday and his weekends include cardio on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday to spend quality time with his wife, enjoying a well-deserved sleep in!

His biggest motivation during a gym sesh is to remind himself that he is building a better and stronger version of himself. He stays inspired by knowing that results don’t happen overnight and you really have to give time, time.

His advice to everyone training in the gym is to not overdo it. Lift to your limits, train to your own capacity and understand that everyone is going at their own speed. Through his own experiences he explains that “ego lifting can cause injuries. You have to train to your limits and your goals, not what you “think” is right.”

Although still working as a carpenter, Mathia has a certificate III in fitness and on his way to completing certificate IV. Initially his goals were to elevate his own fitness journey and the next natural step for him was to become qualified so that he can help and encourage others on their fitness journey.

He reminds us that the most rewarding aspect of training is the results.

“It doesn’t come overnight, but when the results do show – it is well worth the work.”

You can follow Mathia at @mathiamatakovic and watch him smash his goals and help others to do the same!

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