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World Gym Australia Welcomes 10,000 New Members

January 12, 2021 – World Gym Australia, the iconic global fitness brand, had a record year in 2020, growing by over 10,000 new members. This record growth is particularly impressive considering 2020 was a challenging year when gyms were closed for months at a time due to the global pandemic.

“When gyms closed, those who decided that they’d, ‘go the gym tomorrow’ experienced first-hand the impact a great gym makes in their life,” said Mike Nysten, Director of World Gym Australia.   “After we reopened, members came back more excited and more passionate about their health and fitness than ever before. We have 10,000 new reasons to make sure our members always have the very best amenities for fitness, wellness and recovery in Australia.”

World Gym is a trusted global fitness authority that knows exercise is medicine and helps members build personalised and complete wellness plans. Studies confirm that exercise boosts our immune system and decreases our chances of respiratory infections and other illnesses. Exercising within a supportive community has also been shown to increase enjoyment1 and can even double the workout time, over those who worked out alone.2

World Gym Australia credits its incredible growth in members to its best-in-class training facilities with all of the latest equipment, strict cleanliness and safety protocols and the introduction of a new online training platform, World Gym Online. World Gym Online has over 100 live and on-demand workouts from the best World Gym coaches and instructors all across Australia and around the globe. World Gym members can train anywhere and anytime with all the workouts they love, like HIIT, Cardio, Strength, Mind Body, and Core. You can train by body part and get all the nutrition advice you need for your goals. Right now, World Gym Online is totally free for anyone who signs up and due to the success of the WG Online platform here in Australia, World Gym Global’s solution for online training ‘World Gym Anywhere’ is now rolling out around the globe. This exciting new platform is due to launch in Australia in the coming month.

World Gym Australia also credits its incredible growth to their internal community of staff and franchisees who, during the covid shut down, focused even more on putting their members first. Looking laterally within the business was a key factor in being able to identify and offer additional opportunities for members to continue to be engaged and stay active.

“Our team went to work the night we shut down with a plan that focused on member support, which included placing all memberships on hold with no fees. We also gave members the option to rent out equipment and we set up World Gym Online so members could continue to do group class style training at home. We were able to provide yoga, HIIT, Cardio, Strength, Mind Body, les mills and Core classes live and on demand. To compliment this, we also invested heavily in our social media activity, providing exercise options, meal options and motivational content to keep our members engaged”, says Jonathan Davie Director of World Gym Australia

World Gym Australia will continue to expand with new gyms coming in 2021 in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Mandurah, WA, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

To join your local World Gym or find more information, please visit or follow @worldgymaustralia and #WorldGymAustralia on social media. If you’re interested in opening your own World Gym Australian franchise, visit

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The iconic World Gym brand was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold during the glory days of “Muscle Beach” in Santa Monica, CA when serious fitness collided with the world of Hollywood celebrities. Since then, World Gym has evolved into an internationally recognized brand that has captured the imagination of fitness enthusiasts around the globe. World Gym is dedicated to creating a network of ultimate workout destinations everywhere. With its headquarters located in southern California, World Gym currently has over 200 locations in 22 countries and territories. To learn more about World Gym and franchise opportunities with this storied brand, please visit

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